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Mar 25, 2019
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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KingRoot PC

It's an Android mobile rooting program. You should expect that KingRoot PC is an easy-to-use and lightweight device. The program will be downloaded and the deployment process finished. When you have finished the phase, you need to connect your Android cell phone to root and then follow the guidance that the software offers.

Although this device helps the smartphone to root, the rooting phase involves risks. You will not be able to access your phone if anything goes wrong, so you need to be vigilant as the root cycle begins with this device.

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KingRoot permits root access to prohibit the usage on mobile devices of any third-party retrieval program. It is great for those who think nothing about utilizing the features of their cell devices. The software functions correctly. Based on the indications of ROM content, it is deployed from the cloud to the mobile unit. Products such as Samsung NOX and Sony RIC are also working after the launch of the device. With just one swipe, users can root their mobile devices.

The Nuisance Called Bloatware

It software should open up consumers with lenient and poor performance to remove unsolicited programs or hacking methods from their mobile devices. If the software and bloatware are left unchecked, many system resources can be consumed. The battery is down, power is done and RAM is blocked. They are usually pre-installed as rewards but also as unnecessary content and as a way for vendors to market portable products. This contains short trials, frivolous services and adware which launches advertisements and threaten private information of unknown vendors. Rooting is a means of accessing the core feature of a smartphone device that helps you to display something installed. Since the loss of a critical program will kill a mobile computer, consumers must be vigilant when rooting.

Don't neglect to backup data including photos, videos and touch PCs or Google Cloud prior to rooting your Android. Owing to the value of rooting. Until something goes wrong, it is still wise to take control of your memories and precious information.

KingRoot PC is very useful for electronic devices like computer and laptop. From this application you can root your Android smartphone, well using this software is really easy and the input or commanding this software is also easy to use. Once you download the application install it complete all steps as describes, connect your smartphone to the system then start the process.  It comes free with basic features but if you want more and sustainable service then you have to buy this software for $$ from the official website. The software we will give 3.5 stars for their service and features. The best Mobile Phone Tools application you get is here and now it's free.

KingRoot PC runs on Windows platform, so it is compatible for all your Windows 7,8, and 10, same as in Windows laptops and systems. The software runs so smoothly and silently that you don't have to check every minute to monitor and examine.

Software is useful for those who root their smartphone or bored with existing UI. The software needs very little minimal system resources so that it rarely consume Ram of your computer. Kingroot PC consumes only 31MB space of your system.

Features of RootKing

Easy to Use

Operating on either form of PC is absolutely perfect. You can root your computer with a single button. Although it has a Chinese gui, you can now display it even in English.

Secure and Safe

The software allows to delete any unnecessary content from your Screen. The additional unchecked implementations contribute to the ambiguous computing room use. This triggers recording software. With your computer rooting you will get a completely trouble-free system.

Speed Up the System

You can increase the pace of your computer with a simple button. The new program update improves the gadget 's operating power very easily.


The app will also allow you to store your info, which will protect you from frustrating advertising by rooting. You don't have to do this manually.


The Kingroot PC helps you to fully monitor your computer. This lets you adjust the computer's configuration and appearance. The software can be personalized with KingRoot very quickly.

Best for battery life

The battery of your computer is long-lived by Kingroot. It functions like a saver for batteries. You should hold your phone rooting for long life and productivity. With one button you will save your day from disaster.

A Multi-purposes Program

In other applications, KingRoot is required. It very quickly roots your system. It is really helpful and simple, given some irregularities.

Other Specifications

Size: 31.75 MB
Price: Free
File Name: KingRootSetup_v3.5.0.1157_105203.exe
MD5 checksum: 180C83FD0DC267CECC174675910CEC52
Publisher Website: Kingroot

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