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3,6 (36)
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lis 01, 2020
Harald Bögeholz
1.4 na PC
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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H2testw is a well-known application that can detect and check memory flash drives to ensure proper capacity. You already realize that there are several issues with flash-based media distributed in far larger quantities, so this app will operate in a few hours to customize so work on huge drives.

H2testw's most significant function is that fake power will search for drives. This will function to send through 1 GB documents to the free room, then after reading them back, assuming that if the perused material isn't the same as what was written, there might be issues.

Let's say you 're looking to purchase a new storage unit, so you need to learn all the details so capacity, how do you do it? Simple, H2testw is your best solution. This can check the storage system, spot possible failures, and consider a suitable storage package.

This software does not require installation and has an easy-to-use interface. The default language is German, but UI can quickly turn to English.

You should use it anywhere you choose to check a storage unit, including though you choose to evaluate an external HHD disk, HHD disk or USB Flash Stick, copy files and execute the executable. Immediately the details appear on the computer, the mistakes are displayed, and if necessary you can correct it.

This program's vital aspect is that it gives you the details you need to search. You may inspect the whole storage unit or an appropriate knowledge ratio, all with a single mouse button. Let's think you've finished verifying the unit. You'll find all the information tested like MBs, read or write speed, and others.

When testing the writing speed, H2testw will create files and copy them to measure and analyze the speed immediately. Probably this is the best solution for you when testing speeds; it satisfies many users. H2testw is a great tool for everyone without advanced knowledge.

H2testw is very useful for electronic devices like computer and laptop. H2testw is a well-known program that can detect and verify the memory of the flash drives to ensure that the ability is right. You already do realize that there are a number of flash-based media problems that are present in even greater sizes, so this app will operate within a few hours to configure so work on massive drives. The software is free and always will be. The software we will give 3.1 stars for their service and features. The best System Info application you get is here and now it's free.

H2testw runs on Windows platform, so it is to compatible for all you Windows 7,8, and 10, same as in Windows laptops and systems. The software runs so smoothly and silently that you don't have to check every minute to monitor and examine. Plus the size of this application is nearly very less than 300 KB, so it doesn't consume more space of your system.

Check almost all storage devices

A cool feature of the program is that you can choose the amount of data you want to scan. You can search the whole computer, or an exact amount of info, all with a simple mouse button.

While primarily targeting USB computers, the software may also be used to search hard (internal or external), network volumes, or memory cards. As you can see, the software is very flexible on how many storage devices it can scan for errors.

Provide in-depth information on how the device performs

When you've done testing the machine, you'll see the exact time it took to complete the process, the amount of megabytes measured, and, of course, the pace of writing/reading.

Basically, when checking write speed, the software generates a file of a certain size and tells you how quickly your computer will actually copy it.

As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, you will be pleased to find out that the program can score very high, especially when checking the actual size of memory cards and flash drives or their exact speed.

H2testw is solving a lot of problems when it comes about the memory. You can test bad data and remove it is not readable or corrupted.

H2testw Pobierz na PC Windows 10/8/7 - Metoda:

Bluestacks to jeden z najfajniejszych i najczęściej używanych emulatorów do uruchamiania aplikacji na Androida na komputerze z systemem Windows. Oprogramowanie Bluestacks jest również dostępne dla systemu Mac OS. Zamierzamy użyć Bluestacks w tej metodzie, aby pobrać i zainstalować H2testw na PC Laptop z systemem Windows 10/8/7. Zacznijmy krok po kroku po instalacji.

  • Krok 1: Pobierz oprogramowanie Bluestacks z poniższego łącza, jeśli nie zainstalowałeś go wcześniej - Pobierz Bluestacks na PC
  • Krok 2: Procedura instalacji jest dość prosta i nieskomplikowana. Po udanej instalacji otwórz emulator Bluestacks.
  • Krok 3: Początkowe załadowanie aplikacji Bluestacks może zająć trochę czasu. Po otwarciu powinieneś być w stanie zobaczyć ekran główny Bluestacks.
  • Krok 4: Sklep Google Play jest fabrycznie zainstalowany w Bluestacks. Na ekranie głównym znajdź Playstore i kliknij dwukrotnie ikonę, aby ją otworzyć.
  • Krok 5: teraz wyszukaj aplikację, którą chcesz zainstalować na swoim komputerze. W naszym przypadku wyszukaj H2testw , aby zainstalować na komputerze.
  • Krok 6: Po kliknięciu przycisku Instaluj H2testw nazwa zostanie automatycznie zainstalowana na Bluestacks. Możesz znaleźć aplikację pod listą zainstalowanych aplikacji w Bluestacks.

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Rozmiar: 213.02 KB
Cena £: Free
Nazwa pliku: h2testw_1.4.zip
Suma kontrolna MD5: E56FBCBC6F0A2C7AE125869951C63992
Strona wydawcy: Harald Bögeholz

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H2testw to nowy interaktywny System Info Software autorstwa Harald Bögeholz dla wszystkich grup wiekowych. Jedną z zalet tego oprogramowania jest grafika i przyjazny interfejs użytkownika. W pięciostopniowej skali ocena treści H2testw jest oceniana na 3,6, a H2testw można pobrać i zainstalować na komputerze z systemem operacyjnym Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7.

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