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Audio Software
июн 08, 2021
5.6 для ПК
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Within a simple user interface, nVision drill design software delivers a 3D design environment, fluid animation, and a complete collection of drill writing capabilities.

EnVision Visual Performance Design software enables you to create, choreograph, and stage new performances and performances that push the frontiers of visual performance arts, resulting in remarkable, crowd-pleasing experiences. Marching bands, winter guards, indoor percussion lines, and drum corps will all benefit from it.

Drill studio is a marching band drill design program created in Japan.

Drill Studio is always evolving, and you may access the most recent features at any moment. / $8.16/////////

The drill studio is a subscription-based program with monthly and annual paying options.

You may always get the latest version from the internet.

Even if a new version is released, it will not be updated forcefully. You can always edit it if you need to.

You have the option to cancel or re-contract at any time.

  • Those who do not use them throughout the winter months.
  • Those who will only utilize it for a limited time. It's OK if you just contract when you need it!
  • All users may utilize it since it is multiplatform.

Mac OSX & Windows 7/8/10

  • Supporting all user environments on a multi-platform platform that is environmentally beneficial.
  • Edit using a 3D perspective and simple controls.

Both 3D and 2D editing are available for viewing and editing.

  • Drill design is conceivable assuming genuine performance, and actions and turns are faithfully recreated.
  • Uploading data to DSM Server allows you to quickly exchange information.
  • You may instantly disseminate the newest drill to performers by uploading to the DSM Server and utilising the drill studio's unique mobile application "Drill Studio Viewer."

Through social media, you may seek help at any moment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You have the opportunity to speak with the person in charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing software or use issues.


  • Make your concept come to life by designing in fully textured 2D and 3D workspaces.
  • We have everything you'll need. Lines, curves, circles, arcs, blocks, prefabs, path tools, grouping, and much more are all part of our extensive toolset.
  • Easily sync your music to drill sets. In contrast to other apps, you are not required to tap each count in your presentation. Have you made a mistake? It's no issue. You may adjust your synchronization at any point throughout your performance. Not included are headaches.
  • You may simply modify the size and viewing regions to fit your teaching approach with many printing techniques.
  • Labeling tools that enable you to effortlessly arrange instructions for your employees and performers by adding text boxes and arrows in print mode.
  • On any count, you may alter the marching style, costumes and uniforms, equipment, instruments, and much more using Performance Detail Designer.
  • Uniforms, floors, props, and formations may all be created, saved, and shared.
  • MIDI, .WAV, or.MP3 files may all be synced.
  • The location of the performer tag is generated automatically.
  • To rapidly configure your performance settings, use the Show Setup Wizard.
  • Make fantastic personalized outfits and put them into action.
  • Individual pathways may be controlled.
  • Replace the performers and fix any problems that affect numerous sets.
  • The Step Timing function enables performers to march at half-time, double-time, or any other custom pace. Within the same set, artists may also change the speed.
  • Lower body animation allows you to add more performance detail to your performances. Share your idea of visual effects throughout your performance by including kneels, lunges, power poses, and other actions to win over your crew and actors.
  • Do you need additional information? Add ripples to any of the performance detailed events, such as uniform changes and equipment movements (e.g. playing and attention).

Benefits that are completely free

  • Export your shows to share with your cast and crew, who may give you feedback for free. All they have to do is download and install EnVision's free version.
  • Free software and content upgrades, including additional instruments, equipment, props, scenery, uniforms, and costumes are all available.
  • Do you need assistance in getting started? Watch our free in-depth video lessons in the website's Help area. The lessons are also available on the Box5 Software YouTube channel.

Marching Band Drill Загрузить для ПК с Windows 10/8/7 - Метод:

Bluestacks - один из самых крутых и широко используемых эмуляторов для запуска приложений Android на вашем ПК с Windows. Программное обеспечение Bluestacks доступно даже для Mac OS. Мы собираемся использовать Bluestacks в этом методе для загрузки и установки Marching Band Drill для ПК, ноутбуков с Windows 10/8/7 . Начнем пошаговое руководство по установке.

  • Шаг 1. Загрузите программное обеспечение Bluestacks по приведенной ниже ссылке, если вы не устанавливали его ранее - Загрузить Bluestacks для ПК
  • Шаг 2: Процедура установки довольно проста и понятна. После успешной установки откройте эмулятор Bluestacks.
  • Шаг 3. Первоначальная загрузка приложения Bluestacks может занять некоторое время. После его открытия вы должны увидеть главный экран Bluestacks.
  • Шаг 4. Магазин Google Play предустановлен в Bluestacks. На главном экране найдите Playstore и дважды щелкните значок, чтобы открыть его.
  • Шаг 5. Теперь найдите приложение, которое хотите установить на свой компьютер. В нашем случае найдите Marching Band Drill для установки на ПК.
  • Шаг 6: После того, как вы нажмете кнопку «Установить», Marching Band Drill будет автоматически установлена ​​на Bluestacks. Вы можете найти приложение в списке установленных приложений в Bluestacks.

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Если вы ищете Marching Band Drill 5.6 . тогда вы находитесь в нужном месте, в этом посте мы поделимся с вами Marching Band Drill.

Marching Band Drill - это новый интерактивный Audio Software от AUCS JAPAN для всех возрастов. Одним из преимуществ этого программного обеспечения является графический и удобный интерфейс. По пятибалльной шкале рейтинг содержимого Marching Band Drill представляет собой полученный рейтинг 4,0, а Marching Band Drill можно загрузить и установить на ваш ПК с помощью Операционных систем Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7.

Загрузите последнюю версию Marching Band Drill 5.6 для Free. Если вы хотите загрузить и установить Marching Band Drill на свое устройство Android, загрузите его здесь быстрее.

Все Программное обеспечение и Программы, которыми мы делимся, всегда безопасны для вашего ПК и работают на 100%. Вы можете скачать Marching Band Drill по указанной выше ссылке.