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4.1 (5)
6月 09, 2021
Madcat Games
1.5.35 用于PC
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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Easy Pose is a drawing programme for those who draw or are beginning to draw human bodies. Have you ever desired a customised model to demonstrate different stances when animating, illustrating, or sketching? For these folks, Easy Pose was created. Various angles of various positions may be examined. You no longer need to use a wooden joint doll or figure as a model to sketch. Even yoga or fitness stances may be examined from many perspectives.

1. Sensitive Operation – Easy Pose allows control over the main joints in an amazingly smooth manner. It provides multiple functions previously unavailable in other pose apps such as a highlight on movable parts, initialization of joints and manipulation state, and finding a symmetrical pose with the mirroring function. Experience controls that are more convenient than with a mouse.

2. Comic Style Models – Previous pose apps had many realistic eight-head ratio men and women, making it unsuitable for animation, webtoon or game illustrations. Easy Pose is prepared with models with various body types.

3. Multi-Model Control – A scene can be made with a made with a maximum of 6 people at once! It is now possible to make a scene of a soccer player avoiding a tackle or a couple holding hands and dancing.

4. Tens of poses that have already been completed. Poses that are used often are already made. About 60 poses have been prepared and these poses will be regularly updated.

5. Other Characteristics

  • Sensitive light expression using direct and backlight settings
  • Able to observe various poses at various angles
  • Realistic shadows such as shadows of models being cast over other models
  • Able to change the angle of view (possible to use an exaggerated vanishing point such as a panorama)
  • Provides a wired mode that allows lines drawn over models
  • Able to download models without the background in a PNG clear background.
  • Automatic saving, making it safe whenever there is a device error.
  • Able to easily control hand movements.

6. Functions Provided in the Free Version

  • Model poses can be freely controlled.
  • Moods can be freely controlled by controlling the light angle.
  • Able to save the image in PNG. Use it when using Easy Pose with another program to draw!
  • A scene can be made by freely controlling the camera distance

7. Paid Version Upgrade Benefit

  • Completed poses can be saved and recalled.
  • A woman (normal), woman (small), man (small) is provided other than the original model.
  • Several models can be brought on-screen at once.
  • There are no ads.
  • All “Completed Poses” can be used.

Note: Since the data is not saved to the server, when you delete an app, the saved data is also deleted.

Note: Easy Pose Google Play version and Apple App Store version are not compatible with each other. If the user purchases the items of the Easy Pose Android version, it can not be used in the Easy Pose ios version.

  • If certification fails, please follow the instructions below.
  • Open phone and go to Settings-apps-Easy Pose-permissions.
  • Check if Contacts permission is turned on, and check them if they are not authorized.
  • Run the Easy pose, and then press the certification menu on the app start screen.

The rights required by Easy Pose are as follows.

Contacts- This is the privilege required to access the Easy Pose server using your Google Play Game account. If you do not use this feature, please refuse. There is no problem using the app.

Storage Capacity- This is the permission required to save a pose created by Easy Pose as an image file on the gallery of the smartphone. If you do not use the save as PNG image function, please refuse. There is no problem using the app.

Easy Pose 下载PC Windows 10/8/7 –方法:

Bluestacks是在Windows PC上运行Android应用程序的最酷,使用最广泛的模拟器之一。 Bluestacks软件甚至还可以用于Mac OS。我们将以这种方式使用Bluestacks为PC Windows 10/8/7笔记本电脑下载并安装 Easy Pose。 。让我们逐步开始安装指南。

  • 步骤1: (如果尚未安装的话)从下面的链接下载Bluestacks软件– 下载PC的Bluestacks
  • 步骤2: 安装过程非常简单明了。成功安装后,打开Bluestacks模拟器。
  • 步骤3: 最初加载Bluestacks应用可能会花费一些时间。打开后,您应该能够看到Bluestacks的主屏幕。
  • 步骤4: Google Play商店已预先安装在Bluestacks中。在主屏幕上,找到Playstore,然后双击图标将其打开。
  • 步骤5: 现在搜索要在PC上安装的应用。在我们的情况下,搜索 Easy Pose 以在PC上安装。
  • 步骤6: 单击"安装"按钮后,Easy Pose 将自动安装在Bluestacks上。您可以在Bluestacks中已安装的应用程序列表下找到该应用程序。


尺寸: 138 MB
价钱: Free
文件名: Easy Pose
发布者网站: Madcat Games


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Easy Pose 是 Madcat Games 的所有年龄段的新的交互式 Office Tools Software。 该软件的优势之一是图形和用户友好的界面。 在五点范围内,Easy Pose 内容分级是 4.1 的分级,Easy Pose 可以使用操作系统 Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 下载并安装在PC上。

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