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2月 26, 2022
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BiglyBT is a torrent client based on Azureus, and it maintains most of the features of that platform but is also known for its ease of use, ad-free interface, and several additional and new options.

If you have ever used Azureus, then BiglyBT will be right up your alley. It is an open-source, free-to-use torrent client that is built on the same engine as Azureus.

It means that it keeps many features and looks from the original interface, with a few additional functions that might make you want to switch to this option.

Similar to Azureus

During the installation process, you will be able to decide which application features get used and which aren’t done during the installation. You’ll find that you will be able to customize large portions of the installation.

You can pick the UI mode and choose from the sidebar or classic option, and you can also exclude any components from the installation that you don’t need.

There are some additional features that you can either install or not. These include the Swarn Discoveries feature, which will show you a list of torrents that other people have used.

Also, there’s the Message Sync tool, which you can either install or not, and the purpose of this tool is to provide you with both public and anonymous chats.

Clean Interface

BighlyBT is having an elegant interface that makes it easy for users to download torrents and find files. If you have ever used a torrent client before, then the interface of this tool will be very familiar to you. There’s not that much of a difference between some other torrent clients and this one.

The tool also gives you the ability to test your internet connection speed, control your downloads, manage plugins, and other features that users might find helpful.

Overall, it’s fairly simple to use and has all the features you’d need from a torrent client.


BighlyBT is a useful torrent client that is built on Azureus.

BiglyBT 下载PC Windows 10/8/7 –方法:

Bluestacks是在Windows PC上运行Android应用程序的最酷,使用最广泛的模拟器之一。 Bluestacks软件甚至还可以用于Mac OS。我们将以这种方式使用Bluestacks为PC Windows 10/8/7笔记本电脑下载并安装 BiglyBT。 。让我们逐步开始安装指南。

  • 步骤1: (如果尚未安装的话)从下面的链接下载Bluestacks软件– 下载PC的Bluestacks
  • 步骤2: 安装过程非常简单明了。成功安装后,打开Bluestacks模拟器。
  • 步骤3: 最初加载Bluestacks应用可能会花费一些时间。打开后,您应该能够看到Bluestacks的主屏幕。
  • 步骤4: Google Play商店已预先安装在Bluestacks中。在主屏幕上,找到Playstore,然后双击图标将其打开。
  • 步骤5: 现在搜索要在PC上安装的应用。在我们的情况下,搜索 BiglyBT 以在PC上安装。
  • 步骤6: 单击"安装"按钮后,BiglyBT 将自动安装在Bluestacks上。您可以在Bluestacks中已安装的应用程序列表下找到该应用程序。


尺寸: 12.09 MB
价钱: Free
文件名: GitHub_BiglyBT_Installer32.exe
MD5校验和: 31F2A977BDD893470DCCF728D9C89D2B
发布者网站: Bigly Software


如果要查找 BiglyBT 。 那么您来对地方了,在这篇文章中,我们将与您分享 BiglyBT。

BiglyBT 是 Bigly Software 的所有年龄段的新的交互式 File Sharing Software。 该软件的优势之一是图形和用户友好的界面。 在五点范围内,BiglyBT 内容分级是 的分级,BiglyBT 可以使用操作系统 Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 下载并安装在PC上。

为 Free 下载最新版本的 BiglyBT 。 如果要在Android设备上下载并安装 BiglyBT,请在此处更快地下载。

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